Alexandra de Cantacuzene

« Working with Laure and doing the make-up sessions with her was a delight! I needed a beautiful make-up for two events for Harper’s Bazaar where TV, photoshoots and lots of bright lights were involved. After giving a quick brief to Laure, she got it straight away. We looked at the dress, the hair and I gave her a little direction in which I wanted to go but didn’t need much as she is a pro! [She arrived with a suitcase full of products every girl would dream of having and was just very at ease with what she had to do. I decided to leave it all in her hands and let go as, at the end of the day, she is a specialist.] The make-up session was very relaxed and enjoyable and the result was amazing! What a transformation! I felt happy, confident and beautiful and all this thanks to her. Her service is super pro, quick and I would recommend her to any girl who needs a special touch for an event or evening. Thanks Laure! »

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