Doing makeup on women is a way for me to empower them and to make them feel amazing about themselves.

In 2017, after 15 years of working in corporate HR and more than 12 years based in Dubai, I decided to change careers and do what I deeply love: makeup.

In the same year, I became certified as a professional makeup artist at Makeup Atelier, one of the top makeup schools in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. During this process, I discovered what was driving me: making women feel beautiful.

I’m based in Dubai, but I travel to destinations across the UAE, the Middle East, Europe and worldwide.

Whether I do the makeup on a client minutes before she goes on stage to deliver a talk in front of hundreds of people, or hours before she says yes to her life-partner, my mission as a makeup artist is clear: I want to empower women and to make them feel as great and as confident as they should always feel for any occasion !

Because empowerment starts with knowledge, in addition to personal makeup sessions, I offer private and group makeup classes to show how you can apply simple makeup techniques to reveal your own beauty daily.

laure sejean Profle

During my makeup career, I have worked with incredible people and luxury brands.

To name a few, the international luxury brand Cartier was one of my major clients in 2018. I did the makeup on their regional managing director on the occasion of Ramadan as well as during their magical event MIRAGE in Dubai in November 2018, where I built and led a team of top-notch Dubia-based makeup artists and hairstylists.

Piaget is another luxury brand, part of Richemont Group, I worked with in 2018 for Art Dubai. I spent 3 days with their inspiring global CEO, Chabi Nouri, getting her ready for press days and evening functions.

I was also honored to do the makeup of the Dubai-based model, Ameni Esseibi, the first signed curvy model in the Middle East, for her first red carpet for the very respectable event of the Abu Dhabi Dream Gala organised by UNICEF and Sawtouna.

I’ve worked with Ameni on other occasions, like when 11Honore, a luxury clothing brand for curvy women, launched its new store in Dubai, UAE.

I also did several shoots with the Dubai-based model, Caroline Labouchere, the first grey-hair model in the Middle East. If you want to see the looks I created on her, go and check my Instagram page (@lauresejean).